Founder of this temple

This temple was built by Gohrin-Daitoku. Daitoku was a monk of Tohdai-ji at Nara. He met Kuukai, and he became a believer of Shingon-Mikkyo. Later, he called “The four principal disciples”of Kohboh-Daishi or “the ten principal disciples” of Kohboh-Daishi. The day he died is November 7th in 845 based on past documents, but his birthday is not clear. He served Sangou (an important duty) at Jingo-ji in Kyoto when Kohboh-Daishi was lived.


a seated figure of Kohboh-Daishi

a grave of Gohrin-Daitoku

a grave of Gohrin-Daitoku



History of this temple