diary of this temple

Azalea is in full bloom and Wisteria flower is about to bloom in our precincts now.
Because of unusual weather in this season, the peach bloomed already in the “ Flower Festival” which is birthday of Shakyamuni on April 8th,beyond example, we had to use early-bloom cherry blossoms instead.

Not only for global warming but grass and plants are growth so fast, having hard time to pull weeds in the back yards.

Unseasonable climate has temperature difference and quite extreme, we need warm blanket in the early morning to recite sutrabut we can spend a day with short sleeve.

“ Sankan Shion“ which is popular description of the weather in the beginning of spring, called a cycle of three cold days and four warm days, we used to use it but now can use it for early summer season

I sincerely hope take good care of yourself.  April 30,2018